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By Lynn Lopez

As little girls, many women played dress-up and apart from being a princess, an angel, or a fairy. Another favorite is dressing up as a bride in white, making use of flowers or even toilet paper to achieve the desired effect. The concept of a radiant bride marching down the aisle and looking resplendent in a pure white is something everyone knows about. And that is why a bride might have a hard time bucking tradition and cultivating a revolutionary style for her gown on the big day.

In the Western world, as well as other regions of the globe, white is usually the color used for a womanís wedding gown. Mary Queen of Scots is said to be one of the first prominent women to have worn white on her wedding day. Back then, this was a fairly unusual choice because white was believed to be the color of mourning. Still, it caught on and up to this day, white wedding gowns remain in vogue. The color is believed to be a symbol of happiness, purity, and even virginity, which is probably why some old-fashioned minds might be taken aback if a bride walked down the aisle in more colorful garments.

Nevertheless, the trend of wearing wedding gowns in different colors is catching on. Brides are taking matters into their own hands and choosing gowns in vibrant shades, with red probably being one of the boldest choices. Sometimes, itís just a way to break away from the pack of white-clad brides, but it can also just be a simple case of a bride wanting to wear her favorite color on her wedding day. Whatever the reason, itís definitely an attention-getting move, plus it guarantees that your wedding will be much talked-about!

If you want to stand out a little but donít want to put on something too shocking, you might want to consider integrating just a little bit of color in your dress. Try a cream-colored gown or perhaps include some colorful embellishments on your gown like pink embroidered flowers around the hem or a pastel-colored sash. Maybe you could tie a ribbon around your waist, one that would match your motif. Just adding a little bit of detail of your gown will definitely touch it up and although itís something different, itís still not a terribly shocking departure from white wedding gowns.

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